Latest Work

I am currently based in the beautiful country of the Philippines as a business owner and IT consultant.  The following are my latest projects:

Nov’15-Dec’20: UN Environment Programme Asia BCH Advisor – Design, create, and execute the Asia Biosafety Clearinghouse (BCH) Regional Workshops, and National Workshops, including all the materials and reports for it.  Help in establishing the Asia regional network for BCH.

Sep’15-Mar’17: ADB e-GP Web Portal – ADB’s electronic government procurement (e-GP) web portal.

Feb’15-Jul’15: WEB-STAR – online transport project rating tool for ADB.

May’14-Aug’14: Marine Turtle Database Management System for PAWB-DENR under giz.

Jul’13-Aug’13: Online Database System for Limcangco Dental Clinic.

Jan’13-Dec’14: GIS Online Databank for Region 6 & 7 – DENR under giz.

Nov’12-ongoing: Helping 2 municipalities (Cavinti, Laguna; Gumaca, Quezon) in building their e-Government Systems.

Jul’11-Dec’11: EDC WMIS Phase 3 project – Additions and improvements of their Watershed Management Information System which I previously developed using Oracle 9i & Oracle JDeveloper.

Apr’10-Jul’12: International Consultancy based in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The project is to “Further Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development

Jan’08-ongoing: Owner of ICT Technical Support company serving: Caravan Travels & Tours Intl. Inc., and ZI-TECHASIA (PILIPINAS) INC./ZI-ARGUS (PILIPINAS) INC.

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