Mr. Edmund “Jojo” REVILLA
M.Sc. in Computer Science
Languages: English, Pilipino/Tagalog

Edmund Revilla is an IT consultant. His areas of expertise include: system analysis/design, system solutions, system development, IT project management, teaching, training, coaching, developing stand-alone or interoperable web-based databases, LAN-based systems and personal desktop applications, and IT support for offices. His experience spans twenty-nine (29) years with most of the last fifteen (15) years focused on international work in: Cambodia, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kiribati, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkmenistan, and Vietnam. He leads software development projects, website development and web programming projects, create/analyze/design projects, build programming teams, do software programming, establish and maintain LANs and internet connectivity, create documentations and transfer knowledge through training and coaching. OS platforms used are: Windows 9x/2000/XP, Linux, Unix and Mac OS. Web platforms used are: Apache web server, MS IIS, OmniHTTPd, Tomcat, CGI, PHP/XAMPP and J2EE. Databases: PostgreSQL, Interbase, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, MySQL, UniVerse, jBase, Oracle 9i/10g. Programming languages/IDE used: Visual Basic for Applications, Visual Basic .NET/Visual Studio, Java/Oracle JDeveloper 10g, PHP/NetBeans/NuSphere, HTML/XML/Macromedia Dreamweaver, Javascript, BASIC, Pascal, C and FORTRAN 77.

He is currently: a Biosafety Clearinghouse (BCH) Advisor for Asia under the BCH project of UN Environment Programme; an ADB consultant; a self-employed software development contractor for private and government organizations; and owner of an IT Technical Support company which currently serves clients that wants to outsource their IT needs.

He was a former: university professor and trainer for UPLB, De La Salle University Manila (DLSU) and Asia Pacific College (APC); leader of the volunteer group for the International Students’ Service of UPLB; database administrator and trainer for a European Union-funded project called ASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation (ARCBC); IT team leader for a several private companies based in Manila, Philippines; and administrator and finance manager for Victory Christian Fellowship UPLB.

He finished his M.Sc. in Computer Science and completed most of the requirements for a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).

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